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My book

I created a prayerbook modelled after the ancient Christian prayer practice called the Daily Office. The book is called Seeking God's Face: praying with the bible through the year, and to my utter surprise, many people across the globe have found it to be a helpful resource to renew their prayer life. I hope you do too.


Here are a few of my favourite reviews:


"Seeking God's Face melds prayer and Scripture into a companionable guide for becoming a participant—both listening and speaking—in the great salvation conversation that is the Christian gospel."

  Eugene Peterson, author of The Message

"Inspired in every sense of that word and masterfully compiled, Seeking God's Face is a prayer book always and everywhere to be treasured ... in this one volume, Philip Reinders gives the Church not only a solution to that problem but also a God-drenched prayer tool suitable for all of us."

— Phyllis Tickle, Compiler, The Divine Hours.


"I think this is a wonderful gift to foster intentional Christian piety with a Reformed accent. It would be a marvelous way for those new to the Reformed tradition to connect themselves not just to the doctrines of Reformed theology but also the practices of Reformed piety."

— James K.A. Smith, Professor of Philosophy, Calvin College


"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful—a Mary Poppins book—"practically perfect in every way." I love it all, and am particularly delighted to see the creative use of confessions from the Reformed tradition in the beautiful prayers. I can't praise the book highly enough, and I'm recommending it everywhere I go."

— Christopher Webb, President, Renovare

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